The benefits of memorialrooms - Sharing your memories of a loved one with those closest to you.

recess was conceptualized by a 10-year-old and produced by a dedicated team of developers. We have worked with consultants, designers, educators, and administrators to revolutionize the learning environment. recess works within current academic frameworks and curriculua to engage students in learning and in developing real-life skills along the way.

recess is owned and developed by enable - one of Canada's premier web design firms. enable has an impressive track record with over a decade of building user-friendly and intuitive Internet, Intranet and customer relationship solutions for leading North American companies, international governments and non-government organizations.

As European Union consultants, enable has been a United Nations advisor, helping to develop a global Digital Diaspora Network

enable prides itself on designing and implementing solutions with a purpose.

enable's suite of social software applications are changing the way organizations, associations and educational institutions work by:

  • breaking down silos and streamlining communication
  • giving people a new purpose and means to drive profitability
  • creating innovative ways to solve what seem to be intractable problems
  • sharing best practices and learning through cross-functional interaction

At enable, we feel privileged to play a role in bringing about positive changes within our society, especially with youth, with whom we entrust our hopes for the future

Our contribution taps into the Internet and digital technology, a focus for today's youth, creating tools to entice, excite, engage and educate. For more information about enable

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