recess community

  • Student

    recess is iKid ready, full of social networking tools that students want integrated into their learning environment.

  • Teacher

    In recess iTeachers integrate curriculum into the virtual classroom, and engage students to use all of the Web 2.0 tools recess provides to further academic pursuits.

  • Parent

    Through recess parents can become more involved in their children's academic lives. A student invites a parent, giving the parent the right to view only that student's classroom and profile.

  • School

    School and school boards have full domain over recess with the ability to add or modify user types. Schools can define codes of conduct and behavior on recess and manage content using moderation tools.

  • Rooms

    recess can be implemented in a single classroom, or multiple rooms within a school, an entire school, across a school district, or between schools and school districts in different parts of the world.

recess tools

  • Calendar

    Every member has a calendar. Events are posted and populate directly on a class calendar or school wide. Events, homework and assignments are automatically populated on a student's calendar in a filtered format.

  • Completed Assignments

    Retrieve assignments posted by teachers and upload the completed assignment for review.

  • Quiz Builder

    User-friendly Quiz Builder enabling teachers to create quizzes quickly and easily. Students marks are stored for retrieval.

  • Polls

    Create polls with multiple voting and results options.

  • Blogging

    Room and personal blogs integrated into the class to encourage reading and writing. Compose, review and comment on blog posts.

  • Photo Galleries

    Members can upload an unlimited number of photos to their personal site or room categorized into photo albums, and allow or disallow commenting on photos.

  • Video Galleries

  • Comments

  • Tags, Ratings, Sharing

  • Chat

  • Rewards

  • Friends

  • Email

  • Status & Mood

recess tools

  • Security

    Software and hardware protection again malicious attacks. Multi-layer approach secures the network. Permission based approval by teacher or school administrator.

  • Report It

    Members may "report" content as inappropriate. Administrators or moderators can block, review and remove flagged material. Suspend users.

  • Moderation

    Room owners can specify if content should be moderated before going live by clicking "allow" or "disallow" content moderation.

  • Filtering

    Content filtering allows the administrator to add words that are prohibited. When a member attempts to input the word, the system notifies the member that this word is not permitted and disallows the entry.

  • Admin Network Control Panel

    Define/edit network settings. Manage look and feel. Customize and set options for network.

  • Registration

    Students and teachers register online and are placed into their schools and rooms. Each person that registers goes into "pending" mode and does not have full user access until they are approved.